"послание себе 20-летней из будущего"

Hello, my friend.
In this letter from the future I would like to give several lessons that you should learn to become more successful.
First of all, you should be interested in everything you do, your work, people you meet. You should be ready to adult life; it is worth to be said, that you have to constantly be striving for self-improvement, to increase personal knowledge, to the goal. Every day something is happening with us, and we should always learn something new. There are more and more useful books, manuals, magazines every day - so you should advance in knowledge and be one step ahead. You need to follow the news of the economy and science, in your country and also the world news; there are a lot of opportunities to do it - newspapers, magazines, and the internet.
 It is very important sometimes at the crucial moment to remember something and hold the topic or add some interesting facts. Moreover, you need to learn to articulate your own point of view and not be afraid to express it. You have to be sure of it, it is necessary to protect your point of view no matter what. Besides, you can learn to articulate your thoughts correctly due to meeting people. It is easy to sign up any social networks such as facebook.com; twitter.com and start to communicate today; you can start to write your blog here: livejournal.com tumbler.com; blogspot.com and eventually evaluate progress in your thoughts and views on the different spheres of life, work, etc.
Surely, having learned these few points and formed new habits, you'll be ready to work in a large organization and wouldn't be like a black sheep.
And finally one of my favorite quotes which is said by Jim Ron: "Formal education will help you survive. Self-education will lead you to success". You must never stop, strive for more and more goals and will be succeed. 

Best wishes,
Julia Soloveva
Mobile (Russia): +7 (985) 646 26 19
Я не сошла с ума, нет. Просто по спец. курсу задание такое. Я думаю, что я поздно отправила всё, но думаю, что всё равно зачтут. Аааа, была-не была. Мне просто понравилось писать это! Сомневаюсь конечно в правильности и слишком просто всё расписано. Но я ведь забыла все слова напрочь. Так что уж извольте. В этом семестре у меня программа максимум - на английский, немецкий, новые дисциплины этого семестра и старые решила серьёзно разобрать.
А опубликовать решила просто чтобы иногда вспоминать, что какие мсоветы сама же себе написала. И через 10 лет вспомнить - посмотреть назад и осознать - выполнила и достигла или нет. Ну инетерсно ведь. В голове конечно, намного больше подобных мыслей, но всё же какие-то там наверху...

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